Society of Ultimate Evil and Terror

S.U.E.T. the Card Game

 is a card game where you play the role of one of four evil geniuses trying to gain entry into the Society of Ultimate Evil and Terror. The Society has declared that the first genius to construct their own unique doomsday device will be allowed to join. You will play cards not only to help construct and defend your doomsday device, but also to thwart the efforts of your competitors on your quest to become a member of S.U.E.T. 

Maybe once your in, you can help them come up with a better name!

Players: 2-4
Playtime: 15-30 Minutes
Ages: 8+

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Our very first RPG supplement! Get Along, Little Dogies is a source book for Call of Cthulhu's Down Darker Trails setting. It provides a Keeper with the tools to set adventures in one of the most iconic parts of the Old West... a cattle drive. Players will also be provided with the details to make members of a cattle drive and what life was like on the trail.

In the works

Our next RPG Adventure!

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Hitstory 101 Presents:
The POTUS Punch Out

Imagine a mystical bar at the edge of time where all historical figures come to relax and have a pint or two. Wednesday evenings just happens to be POTUS night, where U.S. Presidents get $1 Margaritas and half price chicken wings. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happens when you combine people with differing political view point and lots of discount alcohol. 

In the POTUS Punch Out you control a team of Presidents involved in a large bar room brawl. Each President is represented by  tile with their fist pointing in one direction. Each player takes turn placing their tile face down on the special board, face down, with the fist facing the direction they want to Punch. When all the players have placed their tiles you close the board, flip it, and open it up revealing who got hit. Repeat until there is one President still standing!

The Great Ferret Heist

A "flick"- up and deliver game

The Evil Ferret Lady has sent her Ferret minions to knock over a diamond store to help fund her nefarious activities. She has promised the largest share of the post heist ferret treats to the one who brings her the most diamonds.

In the Great Ferret Heist you flick a six sided die, which represents your ferret, at pedestals containing diamonds (not real ones!) in an effort to collect them. Once your hands are full you need to get the diamonds back to your hidey hole.